Zannier Foundation

Zannier Foundation

In 2001, the Zannier Foundation was born with the aim of helping disadvantaged children from Cambodia. "Our group, who owes everything to the world of childhood, wishes to give children the opportunity to make a new start," said Roger Zannier. Sophie Monrose, her girl Elder and president of the Foundation, was able to create two orphanages as well as a school and carry out various actions undertaken.

"Each day, the Zannier Foundation saves a Child »

Every day, the Zannier Foundation saves a Child

Education a priority

"Nowadays, adoption has become more complex and encounters great difficulties," said Sophie Monrose. Education is now a priority for the Foundation. A school was born and has five classes to the delight of children.

Every day, the Zannier Foundation saves a Child By giving it love, complete care, psychological supervision, school support and learning the French language.

Education a priority

"Stationery committed"

Today, Émilie Zannier, second girl From Roger Zannier, is in turn involved in the future of this foundation. Managing Director of the house Tartine et Chocolat, she launches through her Shops a micro donation system and creates "my first Box ", A Box Stationery committed.

Stationery committed

My first Box

A Box Stationery whose entire profits will be donated to the Foundation. By buying my first Box, you give a chance to a Child to access the school and thus take a new start.
The box and its sheath include: a nice notebook Navy and golden, a personalized notepad, a pencil Navy and stickers Goldens hedgehog.
45 euros, ref: TN97179

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