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Kid's Clothes

2 to 14 years old

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Explore our latest collection of kids' clothes for girls and boys from the child fashion brand Tartine et Chocolat. Our line is meticulously crafted to ensure your little one exudes chic elegance while enjoying maximum comfort. With a rich array of colors including white, blue, pink, taupe, beige, grey, black, silver, red, gold, brown, and camel, you can effortlessly discover pieces to create stylish ensembles for your kids for all occasions, whether it's ceremonies, daily wear, or birthdays. We offer a diverse range of kids' clothes, spanning from dresses to coats, trousers, jumpsuits, outfits, skirts, cardigans, polos, shirts, shorts, sweaters, dungarees, jackets, and accessories. Embark on a journey with Tartine et Chocolat through the various themes of the season. Need inspiration? Our team has curated a selection of looks for girls and boys to spark ideas or effortlessly adopt outfits by Tartine et Chocolat. A charming velvet trousers, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a cozy coat constitute the perfect everyday ensemble. For girls, an elegant dress paired with a jacket and shoes is ideal for ceremonies, while boys can opt for a refined linen shirt and shorts. During cooler temperatures, a stylish dungaree, polo shirt, sweater, and down jacket are trendy choices for kids' fashion. Jogging pants and a sweatshirt make for ideal sportswear for your little one. Eager to explore clothes for the youngest ones? Don't hesitate to browse through our newborn and baby clothes sections, offering sizes ranging from 3 months to 4 years for both girls and boys. Our soft toys, comforters, and bedroom selections will inspire delightful gifts and charming room decorations. Uncertain about sizing? Refer to our size guide available on the product pages. Take advantage of free delivery on purchases over €200 and enjoy complimentary returns within mainland France.

Kid at the heart of creation at Tartine et Chocolat
Tartine et Chocolat, referral to children's fashion since 1977, offers chic and elegant clothing for Kid of the Newborn At 14 years old. Having the desire to draw a fashion that crosses time and ages, Tartine et Chocolat put itKid At the heart of creation in order to meet the needs of the greatest: soft, comfortable but also noble materials so that its days are the calmest and soft possible. Our pieces are designed to be durable, transmitted from generations to generations so that the fashion of tomorrow is remembered yesterday and is a beautiful testimony of time without carrying the traces. The brand Tartine et Chocolat offers a complete collection for the first years of your children: Blouses, Shirts, T-shirts, Polos, Cardigans, Jumpsuits And Outfits, Accessories like the Beanies, of the Slippers, of the Tights but also Leggings, Trousers, Shorts and Boxes to offer. Careful attention is also paid to the choice of fabric, the majority of which are 100% cotton, Linen Or Cashmere and made in Europe. In order for young and old alike to remain protected even in their clothes, we are keen to use no chemicals whether in the fabric or the production process. Conquered by the universe Tartine et Chocolat? To not miss anything from our news, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter and to our social networks.