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Discover our range of Looks Boy newborn of the brand Tartine et Chocolat. An elegant and refined outfit guide for the greatest comfort of Babys boys. Of the'Outfit Pajamas And Slippers through the outfits of Ceremony (baptism, confirmation, etc.), find products suitable for baby every day. Clothes that will brighten up the outfits and days of little boys. Our Looks are composed d 'Outfits in cotton Cashmere, of bodies At Collar original, of Beanies, of Pajamas, Slippers, of Leggings, or Cardigans. You can choose from a color palette ranging from Blue, at the ecru, at Grey, or Beige. Our Looks Adapt according to the seasons and temperatures to offer outfits suitable for baby. In winter, dress your newborn with hot materials such as organic cotton or Organic cotton, or the Cashmere so that it is warm and comfortable all at Long of the day. In summer, opt for soft and light materials like the Linen or organic cotton or Organic cotton. Want to change a look and see other products? Do not hesitate to take inspiration from our selection and mix the parts and Accessories Depending on your desires to obtain unique outfits signed Tartine et Chocolat. For a simple look, visit our page of body, add a Cardigan, opt for a Trousers And fall for Socks sweet for maximum comfort. Online or in our Shops, fall for our birthday boys' clothes that will accompany your baby's first days of life. Take advantage of free delivery from € 200 purchase and free return to mainland France. A doubt about the Size? OUR size guide is available in the product sheets of our models.

The newborn at the heart of creation at Tartine et Chocolat
Tartine et Chocolat, referral to children's fashion since 1977, offers chic and elegant clothing for Kid of the Newborn At 14 years old. Having the desire to draw a fashion that crosses time and ages, Tartine et Chocolat Put the newborn at the heart of creation in order to meet the needs of very small people: soft, comfortable but also noble materials so that its days are the most calm and soft possible. Our pieces are designed to be durable, transmitted from generations to generations so that the fashion of tomorrow is remembered yesterday and is a beautiful testimony of time without carrying the traces. The brand Tartine et Chocolat offers a complete collection for the first days and first months of your Baby girl Or Baby boy with some bodies For Babys, Pajamas, of the Cardigans, of the Jumpsuits And Outfits, of the Dresses, of the Accessories like the Beanies, of the Slippers, of the Tights but also Leggings, Trousers, bloomers and Boxes to offer. Careful attention is also paid to the choice of fabric, the majority of which are 100% cotton, Linen Or Cashmere and made in Europe. In order for young and old alike to remain protected even in their clothes, we are keen to use no chemicals whether in the fabric or the production process.