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Augustin the rabbit - ecru musical Augustin the rabbit - ecru musical
Prix Doux

Augustin the rabbit ecru musical

Usual price 39 €
Usual price 65 € Solid price 39 € -40%
Musical mobile - Musical Pale pink Musical mobile - Musical Pale pink
Prix Doux

Musical mobile Musical Pale pink

Usual price 72 €
Usual price 120 € Solid price 72 € -40%
Paloma the goose - 35 cm

Paloma the goose 35 cm

Usual price 37 €
Usual price 75 € Solid price 37 € -50%
Musical mobile -Music Sky blue Musical mobile -Music Sky blue
Prix Doux

Musical mobile -Music Sky blue

Usual price 72 €
Usual price 120 € Solid price 72 € -40%
Musical mobile - Musical Grey Musical mobile - Musical Grey
Prix Doux

Musical mobile Musical Grey

Usual price 72 €
Usual price 120 € Solid price 72 € -40%
Kit - Comforter And Pyjamas Kit - Comforter And Pyjamas
Prix Doux

Kit Comforter And Pyjamas

Usual price 55 €
Usual price 110 € Solid price 55 € -50%
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Rediscover our old collections of Soft Toys And Comforters at very reasonable prices. With their cute design, the famous Soft Toys are the brand's must-haves. Our enchanted collection of Soft Toys And Comforters, designed to bring softness, comfort and magic to toddlers and children of all ages. Each of our Soft Toys And Comforters is carefully selected for its adorable design, premium quality and ability to create strong emotional connections. Tartine et Chocolat, a reference in children's fashion since 1977, offers chic and elegant clothing, Furniture and Accessories dedicated childcare centers Birth at the beginning of childhood. Having the desire to Furniture and Accessories of childcare that spans time and ages, Tartine et Chocolat put itChild at the heart of creation in order to meet their needs at all ages: soft, comfortable but also noble materials so that their days and nights are as calm and gentle as possible. Our pieces are designed to be durable, notably thanks to our organic line, passed down from generation to generation so that tomorrow's fashion remembers yesterday and is a beautiful testimony of time without bearing its traces. The brand Tartine et Chocolat offers a complete collection for the first months of Baby thanks to a selection of Comforters, Soft Toys, developmental toys, Furniture, Bed linen and bath, Blankets, deckchairs, Changing bags, Dinner sets etc. As well as a selection of clothing Baby girl, garment Baby boy, Shoes girl, Shoes boy. Careful attention is also paid to the choice of fabric, the majority of which is 100% cotton, Linen Or Cashmere and Made in Europe. So that little ones and older ones remain protected right down to their Bedroom we are committed to not using any chemicals either in the fabric or the production process. Conquered by the universe Tartine et Chocolat ? To not miss any of our news, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter and to our social networks.